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Christa Lynn, the Psychic Crystal/Energy Healer

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Ron and I came up with some Psychic Party ideas, which we think can make you psychic party even more memorable. First of all, your guests will get two readings: one from me and one from Ron. For $100 per guest, each gets a half hour psychic/healing reading from Christa and a half hour psychic/medium reading from Ron. For $80 per guests, each gets a 20 minute reading from Christa and a 20 minute reading from Ron.

In addition, we offer some options that you can add to your party: Christa Lynn will do a Healing Energy Vortex for you; and you can choose one of Rons options, which are a Mini Seance or a Gallery Reading. Each option lasts about a half hour. You can also choose where to have us do them in your party: the beginning, the middle or the end. These options are at no extra cost to you or your guests.


Mini Seance

For a mini sance everyone also gathers in the same room; but Ron channels the spirits, i.e. the spirits talk directly through Ron instead of Ron relaying the messages to you. You can even ask questions and receive answers from spirits. You never know who or what may come through, but you can ask for someone in particular before the seance starts.

Gallery Readings

For a gallery reading everyone gathers in the same room, where Ron will give messages from your deceased loved ones or other spirits as well as psychic messages. Ron will try to give messages to everyone in the room with their permission.


Healing Energy Vortex Experience

This experience begins with a meditation. This is to relax us, clear and balance our chakras, and prepare our bodies for the healing energy of the vortex.

We will create a vortex of healing energy, enlarge it and make it powerful.

We will send this healing energy down to Mother Earth. Next we will send the energy out to all living things on the planet. Then we send it out to our loved ones. Finally, we will bring this healing energy back into ourselves for our own personal healing.

Most people are able to fell this powerful energy and experience healing. It is a really unique experience.


Ron's Medium/Psychic Sessions

Ron brings you short messages from the larger spirit world, which includes your deceased loved ones, angels, ascended masters, and more. Because all mediums are psychic, he may also offer insights into aspects of your current and future life.

For dealing with the practical issues of life, Ron offers spiritual counseling for vibrational alignment from the higher self down through the mind, body, actions, and dealings in the world to maximize happiness, health, and wealth.

Each reading is unique depending on what is wanted, what Spirit may want to communicate, and what he sees as a psychic. Ron may also use tarot and oracle cards to elicit additional information.

Ron calls himself the Large Tall Medium because as Ron says, Large Tall is my shirt size so I put my size together with being a medium. His tag line is, Bringing you short messages from the larger spirit world. He says, the larger spirit world, because besides deceased loved ones, he brings information from spirit guides, angels, ascended masters, living people, various aspects of your life, and more.


Christa Lynn's Psychic Reading and/or Healing Sessions

Utilizing the law of attraction and tarot cards, your readings will touch briefly on what has happened in your past, work on issues of your present and then inform you of what is in store for you in the future. She will tell you what she sees in the cards, give suggestions for improvement, help discover blocks to what you are trying to manifest, and then you will have the opportunity to ask questions. Occasionally, is a deceased loved one is present, messages may be relayed.

In addition, she is an intense energy healer and can channel healing energy for you for any portion of your session you desire.

Christa Lynn started teaching sprituality in 2001. In 2002, she discovered she was psychic. The second reading she did, she received messages from deceased loved ones and discovered she was also a medium. She has been doing psychic readings ever since.

In 2007 she was certified in Reiki I and II, as well as Avesa Quantum Healing. And then in 2017, she had an intense spiritual experience, which called her into service for humanity, and now the healing energy that she channels has become very intense.